Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dieter and Boris

Yello - The Race

Yello is one of my all time favourite bands. They were so ahead of their time. The videos are very 80s and I like their music better than the clips though I haven't seen many. But still good to watch:)

The Race is from their album "Flag" which is from their middle period.

I'm currently working on the design for a few of toys based on the Yello album cover "Claro Que Si". I'll be sending them to a toy exhibition I've been invited to at the TINA (This Is Not Art) festival in Newcastle later this year. More on this later.

The toys will be called The Yello Boys and will be one off pieces.


Merlyn Gabriel said...

oh how cool!!!!
I like Yello too, but my favourite song is 'Oh Yeah'. They were definately ahead of their time though.
What I didn't know and just found out is that they are Swiss.

I look forward to seeing the Yello Boys!

happy saturday...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Yello Boys sound a great project, Florence. Good luck when that toy exhibition comes round. 'Yello' fans will be keen on having those toys!

Florence said...

Merly, I thought you'd find it interesting that they are from Switzerland. Oh Yeah was the first yello song I heard, that lead me to discover their other work. I have been slowly recovering my collection, which was one of the many things a loss all those years ago.

The name is inspiration from you Crow Boys, of course :D

JL, Thanks, I'll have to send out a press release hey:D But I have to make them first!

Michelle said...

Hi Florence! Michele sent me! The 80s rock! :)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

he he I'll tell the boys they inspired... well on second thoughts maybe I shouldn't.. their heads are big enough and their egos even bigger. pesky critters.

Right now they are basking in the glorious sun!

Shane said...

cool. good driving music - i'd be the hit of Sunset Blvd.

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Hello michele sent me.

Julian Kovalsky said...

Sounds really great! Please let me know if I could purchase one of these!

Florence said...

Hi Julian, These toys are still in design phase, eg pattern construction not done yet. The exhibition they were to be in fell through due to lack of funding. Until now they have been on the back burner, but since there's some interest I'll bring them back to the design table. Though at this stage it will have to be early next year.

I'll contact you over your way, as its nice to say hi to a fellow fan :)

So, stay tuned to Windbagandthunder ;)