Monday, July 24, 2006


Cliff Richard - Shooting Star ( cartoon from ''Thunderbirds

A supermarionation of Cliff Richard as seen in the Thunderbirds movie, Thunderbirds are Go (or as I refer to it ZeroX).

Cliff really is a "Shooting Star" in this clip!!

My favourite song from the the Thunderbirds series is "Dangerous Games" played by The Shadows (yes the real ones). Lady Penelope is a 'talk singer' undercover as a brunette performer. It's also from my favourite episode "The Cham Cham" - it has everything, exclusive ski resort in the Alps, downed jets, secret codes, cable car sabotage, a narrow escape by Parker using an umbrella, and a hint of romance.

More on the Thunderbirds at a later date...Stay Tuned!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks more like Hank Marvin!

My favourite 'Thunderbirds' episodes are 'Sunprobe' & 'Terror In New York City'.

Florence said...

JL, I haven't seen all of them so I still have some treats to look forward to. I'll have to see if I can find them. Who's your favourite Thunderbird? I like Lady Penelope, Brains, and Parker the best. I always felt sorry for Gordon though, not too much call for thunderbird 4.

Hank's there, with the glasses...but maybe they had an extra head of Hank's spare?lol

Merlyn Gabriel said...

bah my comment from yesterday got eaten...

Great vid. I loved the Thunderbirds as a kid but since it's been at least 30 years since I've seen the show don't ask me what my fav episode was....

Good ol' Cliff, he's like the energizer bunny he just keeps going and going and going....


Florence said...

Merly! I'm sorry to hear your comment got eaten, bad computy.

I never saw them as a child. I came across them while at uni in a 5am time slot. I used to watch them when I came home from all night dancing. I became fascinated by the aesthetic and the careful attention to detail. I'll post a bit later on it. Might do some refresher research too:)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think you're right about the extra Hank head, Florence!

I thought John had the toughest deal as he seemed to be stuck in the Thunderbird 5 space station most of the time. Though they were supposed to take it in turn, I don't think they were counting down on the ground.

Thunderbird 3 was my favourite, which didn't get seen too often.

Brains was always a favourite.

By the way, I heard recently that Scott Tracey was modelled on Sean Connery.

Florence said...

JL, Sean Connery! lol maybe the eyebrows:) Scott and Virg got all the action didn't they. Poor John, stuck up there all alone. I think Alan visited him once.

Thunderbird 3 was cool, maybe they were hoping to do more space episodes but never got around to it. At least they were prepared, which is what IR is all about:)

I liked the Island the best, the way the palm trees would bend back and the pool would slide away for Thunderbird 1 to take off. It was all so well thought out.