Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Toyz in da House

This week I thought I would post on the toys I share my life with. I'm sure we all have little friends scattered through our house, room, flat or caravan. Well, I do. They are in ever room!

Above is my Puter's Panda, I gave this panda bear to my computer because it had been good, that is, not crashing and thus keeping my blood pressure down. This panda bear is a Japanese paper ball. It comes flat and there is a hole in the top of its head where you blow it up. My friend and 1337 jeweller Rebecca the Wrecker gave me this panda as a present when she came back from Melbourne last year. I was so happy when I opened it because I had one of these years ago (though not a panda) and I had played with it until it broke - they make quite a satisfying thwack when hit. So I gave it to my Puter, because I love my Puter and the panda is the same colour as Puter is.

I also gave it that niffy pineapple coloured dollie for it to sit on. Pineapples grow here in Queensland so I thought my Puter's Panda could also express some state pride. He's looking at me right now, and he is always happy:)

Does your Puter have any toy friends?


Merlyn said...

that's very cute or as they say on the boards.... kyoot!

my computer's pals are Vader and Maul, along with a tiny statue of Bast and a metal mouse shaped key chain thingy with flashy LED eyes of Sithy Yellow.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You may have hit upon a solution here, Florence. Give the Puter some pals so that it doesn't do nasty things like crash.

Florence Forrest said...

Merly, Your Vader and Maul (life-like shampoo bottles!) are indeed fine Puter friends:)

Jean-Luc, If the Puter has friends then its too happy and busy to think about freaking me out. You should join the experiment and see for yourself;)

Anonymous said...

My computer has no friends because it's a skinny laptop (poor thing). But you've inspired me to take a photo of the dolls that stare at me from above my computer!

Anonymous said...

Comment above was by me - not anonymous! hmph..vaob

Florence Forrest said...

Hi Van, Thanks for stopping by! If you post those picts I'll put a link to it in the next post I do:)