Sunday, July 16, 2006

Feels like Home - Day 7 Geek Week

Today is the last day of Geek Week. I hope you have enjoyed the adventure as much as I have. All three of us (Plastic Girl, Rebecca the Wrecker and I) have even learnt things about each other we didn't know. It turns out we have more in common than we thought; we just hadn't confided in each other because we have been afraid of seeming uncool. What a shame!

In fact that has been the whole purpose of Geek Week, it was to open up and show parts of ourselves as they really are.

Above is some of my unusual family; Lilli&Tom my life-size dolls, their pet Novas Infinite Whatsie and Gizmo, and a trio of Munchas. They share my life, maybe that's weird, but as I read on a sign recently "different strokes for different folks." Toys are what I do best, its what I love and it is a great gift to be able to pursue it as a profession.

Now its your turn, share with me what you think is the most geeky thing about you, it might not be as weird as you thought:)


Merlyn Gabriel said...

The 3 most geeky thing(s) about me...

1:I spend a huge amount of time writing a star wars fan fic book that will never be published. I spend more time researching said books than I did in my 9 years on there is Darth Vader and Darth Maul bubble bath bottles sittingon the shelf in front of me..inspiration ( no the bubble bath has never been used)

2: I get hyper excited at the prospect of computer bits and my husband knows that he can make me happy by bring home and old CPU or board of some sort... I don't need diamonds although the chips are sort of silicon based..

3: I scored 90 something on that silly geek test and was actually proud but annoyed I didn't get 100!

Flo, your Geek week was way cool!

Now back to agonizing why the pdfs on dote1 don't work. :(

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

Hey Miss Windbag- thanks for having the vision to invent geek week and invite us all along. you are geeko supremo.

Liana said...

All in good time... all in good time...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Geek week is a great idea, Florence. I can be geeky in knowing a lot of useless trivia.

Florence said...

Merly, Darth Vader bubble bath bottles of inspiration, I love it!
You were obviously riped off only getting 90%, you're 100% in my book;)

Bec, I've always wanted to be a Supremo:)

Lani, you'll keep.

Jeun-Luc, I suspect you're in training for Game Show Superstardome, and you're just keeping it close to you're comm badge;P

rashbre said...

Firstly, I just love the red boggle-eyed whatevers in your post! I guess they are Munchas, but I don't know about this...will have to take a look on Google.

Secondly, my blog probably shows some of my geekiness, right now I'm doing things with mountain bikes, folk music and guitar, but none of that sound especially geeky. And the NaNoWriMo novel from last November is still in review- I will get it published!

And hiya I'm here via Micheles!


Cyndy said...

I'm a geeky diva...internet information guru but I am seriously into all cosmetics. Strange..

Ravvy said...

Hello my Banana-Bending Aussie counterpart... hows life up there in Rainforest Country? down here its bloody freezing *can i even say bloody???*

im a geek in that, with computers, i couldnt tell you how to do something without completely confusing you, but i could show you how to do it and you'd understand... or i could somehow work out how to do it without actually knowing what i did...and i love painting and animating and doing Charactures of people... but i think thats more arty farty than geeky

What a great idea, Geek Week!!!

I hope your a smidgin bit warmer up there than we are down here, and i'll come back and visit you and your clothen friends and Muncha's again soon!
Take Care!

Florence said...

Rashbre, thanks! Munchas are one of my ExplorAnauts. I'll have to search your blog to find out more about NaNoWriMo - good luck with it though:)

Cyndy, we found we had both Geeky and non-geeky attributes;) Thanks for dropping by.

Ravvy, we sure are up late! Its been a really warm winter here in Brisvagas. Its a bit weird..makes me nervous about the coming Summer:/ Keep warm.xx

Theo said...

the more gadgets the better. wires, switches and flashing lights all around...

Michele sent me.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Florence, didn't you know I was in Last Gladiator Standing?

Florence said...

Theo, thanks for dropping by!

Captain, Hmm very interesting, I'll check it out now before i go to bed.

rashbre said...

Ahah. I have now read your old post about Munchas and all is becoming clearer. I clicked through via technorati because I wondered if it was a general Australian thing, but I see its yours!


After I'd read about the fabulosity of the three of them, I related their well described characters to psychometric analysis (remember I'd just been doing some tests this week and you'd just baled out of trying the online version?)

Anyway - I reckon the three personalities you show approximately fit three of the normal 4 quadrants in most of the tests. And it made me think that there maybe should be one to cover the fourth area?

Normally it goes like:

Directive/knowledge seeking/keep the dialogue succinct (Muncha) - Usually 'Top" on diagrams

Analyst/Strategist - (Cka) Usually 'Left' on diagrams

Program Director/Fact Seeker - (VeUR) - Usually 'Bottom' on diagrams

And so the one that is most likely to be missing is the relator/people person/networker?? maybe a 4th is needed? - Usually 'Right' on diagrams. Here is a typical example. Myers Briggs and PF16 give other variants.

Now I realise this is strange and geeky - I've never psycho-analysed toys before - anyway - a few moments of harmless fun ;-)

Strangely strange but oddly normal regards,

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Gosh there's an image....Captain Picard in Gladiator dress...


Flo,thanks... It's good to be geeky!

we need another theme...something to keep me from missing my other half so much.

Florence said...

Merly, Another Theme..? I'll see what I can do, I was hoping to do some posting that were toy related to my work. Geek Week was such fun. It took a lot for me to post every day and I didn't do much other work. I have a few deadlines coming up and these toys don't make themselves ( more's the pitty). I have an exhibition to review and Lilli&Tom have an up coming new adventure, I was also hoping to write another folktale this fortnight too. But I can't let you down:)

Rashbre, I liked your analysis, and I think you're right there is one missing when viewed like that. I was given the brief to design three characters and they are being used for three different learning catagories. But there is no reason why I couldn't add a communicator to the group. These toys are looking to be used as the Mascots for the State Library of Queensland and there has been some discussion on having them in some form for sale in the State Library shop, but as these things are never sure until the contracts are signed, I think I'll think about what the communicator ExplorAnaut would be like. Thanks:D xxx

Merlyn Gabriel said...

OOOh make toys... I was meandering through the Lilli and Tom pages and the first word that comes to mind is DELIGHTFUL!

I am a bit durch einander as we say in German because Marcus is away for the week. I feel like a loose string... too much time on my hands and no cohesion...

Your dolls are fantastic. I am so glad i found my way here.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

why not do a toy related theme...
and I'll tell you all about Sam and Max.

Florence said...

Merly, Good idea! I was thinking the same thing. How about "Doll House: Where toys live in the home" each day I'll have a photo of some of the toys I have (not necessarily toy I have made) and where they live around the house. What do you think? :)
I'll post it tomorrow avro (that's Afternoon in Aussie lingo) after I've finished my day work.

xxs and oos

Merlyn Gabriel said...

sounds way cool to me.
I upped a post about Sam and max already. I should start writing stories about them some day...gah one book at a time.

am armed with a digital camera and technical know how.... there are lots of 'dolls' in this house..

shannon said...

these pop culture geeks seem quite cool to me. I really love country music, my pyjamas, hand knitted jumpers, especially cardigans. Going to bed early. But my favourite thing in the whole world to do is reading in bed. Reading in bed makes me very very happy especially library books. Especially kids fantasy books. At the moment I'm reading "the Borrible Trilogy" in the past year I've also loved some Diane Wynne jones classics, "A Wrinkle in Time", and "Ruby in the Smoke" I always think that in an alternative life I could become an expert on kids fiction and some how put this strange obsession into use.

Florence said...

Merly, your Max and Sam are too great! And well travelled:D

Shannon, a silent reader no longer! Good:D I still think there's time to become an expert and use your power for goodness! I think when your little one grows up some that she will enjoy you reading them to her. xxx