Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wind Me Up!

These little critters live under my lounge room lamp, way up high (at eye level) on the top level of the whatnot. With the exception of the grasshopper they are just simple, cheap toys I've picked up from Hector's Daughter, a local shop in my village. My favourite is the wind-up Ladybug. He does a neat move where he speeds in one direction, flips over on its back keeps rolling forward back on to its 'feet', spins in a circle and then shoots off in an unexpected direction. I often take him with me in my bag, and bring it out when there's need of some icebreaker moments, or if I need a little chuckle.

Visitors always want to see what they do, and their silly little faces draw people to them with magnetic force - just like they did me!

That little ladybird ball game is a winner too. Why? Because its not too difficult to complete, but you feel like you've put enough effort into it to feel a gratifying sense of satisfaction when the last ball slips into its spot - oh and then you notice that the Ladybird is smiling back at you and I go, "Yeah! I did it, thanks Ladybird":D

There's an interesting story about the tin grasshopper. Its made by a Zulu man who makes toys out of tin can and found metal. You've probably seen or heard about this type of toy, but if you'd like to see some more examples and some other cool stuff made from recycled products click here.

Do you have any windup toys that you like or own?


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Do you know.. we have no wind up toys. How odd.

I kinda love the chattering teeth though, they always make me smile.

Your grasshopper tale made me think of the morroccan candle lanterns we have here, all made from old cars or fridges or some sort of metal that rusts... will take some photos when the batteries charge.

just wanted to add, glad you are in the world... makes it less lonely!Have a great evening!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I used to have a lot of wind-up toys when I was young. Now I just wind people up.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

*Giggle* capt. You are so bad...

Flo, the link to the toy maker doesn't seem to work.

Florence said...

Merly, the chattering teeth - classic! Looking forward to the picts.

xxs and oos as always:D

Captain, I bet you do;)

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

neo-luddites love mechanical toys!

Florence said...

Merly, opps* thanks for that, all fixed now. Its a good site, worth the correction!

Florence said...

Wrecker, I know you have some FAB ones made by a gypsy:D