Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dolls of Diplomacy

This gentleman is an English Diplomat to France from the early 18th century. I designed and made him over eight years ago. He is a cloth doll with pipecleaner frame. I've embroidered his vest, coat, and hat. His hair has also been needle stitched with perl DMC thread onto felt. Those little shoes are felt and I was pretty chuffed with myself for their design.

As a historical aside, his hat is not meant to go on his head, these hats were to be held only, much like the Japanese gent always held a fan.

He now resides in my studio, retired from public life.


Oh, and my Daylight bulb came today!! Let there be LIGHT! :D


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Oh he's wonderful! That's one of my favourite fashion eras...

well done!!


and YAY for the bulb!!!!I love it when stuff somes in the mail. Yesterday the rest of the SW NJO books finally arrived so now I can finish reading the whole series.

Florence said...

Merly, so that's what's keeping you occupied;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

He looked VERY diplomatic; too bad he has retired from public life.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Jean Luc-He is wonderful...I agree...maybe you could persuade him to negotiate Seven and Ro???

Florence: Yeah reading but only for short periods of time, but I read hellishly fast so I can go through a book a day butwhat really keeps me occupied is actually writing my book(s) or editing more to the point.( and the dirty great big piece of calligraphy I have to get done by monday.


Liana said...

Will you ever cease to impress me?

Florence said...

Jean-Luc, he does miss it some times, but there are two lovely companions just over the rocks there that keep him occupied.

Merly, I should have guessed you'd be a speed reader. I'm not, I read every single word as if it was being spoken to me. I can skim but only if I need info fast.

Lani, where would I be without you! xx

Merlyn Gabriel said...

How I envy your ability to slow down your reading and take in each word. I never could, but I learned to read quiet late for a child so I think I am just trying to catch up :) Marcus ready slowly and remembers everyhing he reads, I on the other hand,don't but it also means I can re read books over and over and over and still find something new.
I love books. though... the people who have packed and move us... do not love my books :)

maybe we shoudl ( at some point) have a book week of sorts?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

He ought to be with Starfleet; we need diplomats like him.

sarah said...

what a fine looking gentleman!

Florence said...

Merly, a book week sounds good. I'll suggest it to the gals:D

Captain, he's flattered by the compliment, but he says he prefers his velvet coat and wig;)

Sarah, thanks for dropping by! thanks heapsly.