Saturday, July 15, 2006

Turning on the light? - day 6 Geek Week

Thought I wasn't posting today? Well, I nearly didn't; that was until I started assembling my new Daylight lamp. Its a beautiful brass lamp with a daylight globe, so I can sew in the lounge room without damaging my eyes. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, though tired, I mustered up the energy to put it together. After following the instructions to the 't', I carefully screwed in the special curly bulb with the anticipation of illumination bubbling within - when POP** the bottom of the bulb suddenly bursts!! :( and all my hopes were dashed. I plugged my old lamp back in and tried not to feel too sorry for myself.

Then I thought, "How many Geeks does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

and I had something to post:) every they say.


Carmi said...

Hi Florence. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog just now. I thought I'd follow you back from Michele's and return the favor.

I'm sorry things didn't work out with this bulb. I HATE when that get your hopes up, then they quite literally get shattered.

(Yes, I've had some interesting light bulb experiences in my life!)

Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Captivating stuff!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

poor flo - but you can't mess with the day and the night! your artificial sun could throw the planet into terrible danger! we luddites recommend oil lamps. the only side effect is early vision loss.

Florence said...

Carmi, Thanks for the visit! The people I've met through Picard's Journal have been really great. Chat soon:)

Miss Wrecker, My kero lamp was too smelly so I thought an artifical sun would be a good trade up...but perhaps I was wrong:( It seems that karma has protected me yet again from endangering the universal balance.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

maybe you didn't speak nicely enough to it... sometimes things like this are picky..
eitherthat or oil from your fingers made it pop... that's happened to me too.

going back to roasting in the heat now...

My photo teacher is a Luddite.I adre him for it.But I hate that he never answers his emails.

Liana said...

To live is to blog.

Liana said...

Or is it "to blog is to live".

Florence said...

Hi Merly, you're probably right but its the type of bulb one can't help but have to touch in someway to put it in. I'll use gloves next time. Looking at my lamp is depressing me, it will be two weeks before I get a new bulb:( and I had already waited two weeks to pick it up.

I HATE when people don't answer their emails. I feel like it was sent to oblivion, and I'm always wondering if they got it, or if they're ignoring me, or if they are just slack. I don't have time to be pondering such trivialites.


Lani, both sound good to me;)

Sarah said...

Hey, michele sent me.
That happened before when I set up a lamp. It wasn't a nifty sewing lamp, or actually a lamp at all but a ceiling fan and and whole thing came crashing down. So I suppose it's nothing like your lamp bulb incident.

Paul Sveda said...

So now you have me curious, whats a Daylight lamp? Perhaps I am showing my ignorance but its the first time I have heard of this. Too bad about your bout of bad luck on not getting the bulb to fail. Hopefully you will have that fixed soon.

Here via Micheles and she says hi.



Florence said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the visit. While not a light bulb your expectations were dashed and your fan chashed. The feels are the same:)

Hi Paul, thanks also for the visit. A Daylight (TM) lamp is a special bulb that mimics the spectrum of sunlight. This helps artist match colours correctly. As a photographer you would know about how different light effects colours. My lamp is a standing lamp but they also do desk and easel lamps. go to (sorry its not hotlinked for you):)

queen of light and joy said...

i love this photgraph and I'm here via Michele, even though I've already been here this morning. I guess I can't get enough of you. *wink smile*

Florence said...

Hi Queen of L&J, I love repeat visitors:) Please join in the fun!
I'll have to check through the comments as I must have missed you somehow:(

Merlyn Gabriel said...

I don't mind the not emailing back especially from those people who I know just are not geeky and etherial mail dependant.. I on the other hand....sometimes email like mad and sometimes don't ...

I guess that makes me fickle.

Sorry you have to wait 2 weeks for your bulb. :(

XXX hugs

Florence said...

Thanks Merly;)